Ordering Private Exotic Dancers - Strippers: the Booking Deposit

        To order an exotic dancer/stripper to your location, you will need to deposit a minimum of $50.00. This fee is non-refundable if the booking is canceled in less than 2 days before the planned event. You may make this deposit through CashApp or Zelle. Why a deposit? The deposit is so we can know that you are serious, and that you are more likely safe to deal with - we need paper trails. Additionally, I also like to take care of my own booking fee which purely goes to advertising and website maintenance. This way, the party stripper you order does not have to collect the fee; and, by me keeping their fee separated from mine you will know exactly what they are being paid to show up and start the striptease show. There will be absolutely no confusion coming from my business. Everything regarding your order can be documented through a text thread or email from myself (whichever you choose), from the deposit and total amount you will be expected to pay when the exotic entertainer arrives, to any of the necessary details or questions answered you may need. PARTY PRICES CLICK HERE


If you are not 100% sure that you are going to see your event all the way through, then please do not make your deposit until one or two days before the event is supposed to start. After that no excuses, please protect yourself from the questionables who are spreading Covid. I will not let this excuse slide, even if it is the guest of honor, so stay safe. I will put your party on the calendar and notify your choice exotic dancer. If any of us get another booking that coincides with your chosen time we will expect you to either be more flexible with the arrival time, or to put down a deposit earlier than the last two days (which really doesn't cover the entire wages lost from giving up another event). So, why does your very small deposit even matter at all? Well, this is because I have already done the work in communicating with you and setting everything up. That means that I have taken time out of my day(s) from working on other important things in my life to assist you in planning a more fun event. My type of business is like anyone else's  - you can't just back out whenever you want without penalty anywhere else, especially just one or two days before your scheduled party. My team and I are reliable and depend on reliable people too. I also have much less time to worry about refunding someone who just called me the day before - sooo unnecessary and ridiculous; please put yourself in my shoes. The only times I may allow someone to skip a deposit is if they are rebooking me and I already know them well and trust their intentions. Simply mentioning that you got my card or phone number through someone, or saw me at a party, will not be acceptable. I save all message threads on my business accounts and will know what is true. To choose your package click here : CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE