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VPN Users & Blocked Visitors

No more proxies are allowed on Stefanie Stripwell Texas.

These types will no longer be tolerated.

1. Hacker/Scammer

2. Spying, jealous, pathetic competition/haters, such as Mia London aka Milano, and Jeff Kolbaski.

3. Police (no worries though)

4. Prospective employer because I have proudly included this business on my resume. 

5. A lustful dude who is never gonna get it - please move on. 

6. GOOGLE using bots to rip advertisers off - yeah, I see the blocked ips, Google. You and India are BANNED!

7. People who abuse my ads after I have asked them nicely to avoid this. 

8. Men who keep looking, never booking - nothing to see here! As strict as Google is on how I post my ads, they shamelessly allow too much free porn for you to be stalking me. Hence, I also do not allow followers on my personal Instagrams.

For legit clients who may have been accidentally blocked, please call 832-387-4770

IPs deliberately blocked:

To the hater in Magnolia/Stagecoach - You're being tracked and anything you do is being used against you. Karma (God) is watching you play with your little wiener as you harass me on the daily, so just remember that. Harassing and disturbing me by pinging my ads and website - rebuked! Police will be called once I gather all your IP addresses. You know who you are.

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